Don't Shut Your Eyes

Pornography exploits victims of human trafficking. WATCH VIDEO GET HELP FOR PORN USE

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    • Human traffickers recruit boys and girls on social media.
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  • Don't Shut Your Eyes

    • Human trafficking happens all around you.
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Other Don't Shut Your Eyes Videos

Our 'Don't Shut Your Eyes' campaign has been running for a number of years with a new video released each campaign. Each video looks at a different aspect of human trafficking operating in our world today. Each video is subtitled in a number of languages to make them accessible to many people.

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Get Help for Porn

How are porn and human trafficking connected?

Porn is an industry that is often attractive to human traffickers, who see it as an opportunity to make more money off those the traffick. There is so much demand for pornography today, that traffickers can easily make an extra buck by forcing their victims to act in the roles. Victims are threatened to ensure that they look like they are enjoying what is happening. It is their traffickers, not them that get paid for it.
You have no way of knowing if the porn you are looking at is from someone who chose to be there or not.
Human trafficking impacts a massive 40.3 million people in the world today, of which 3.59 million are in Europe.GET HELP FOR PORN

Suspect human trafficking might be happening?

Call your national hotline to report.

Church Resources

We have created a number of resources to help churches that want to engage with the issues of human trafficking and commercial exploitation.  Feel free to use our video and these printable resources:

The Addiction Cycle of Pornography:

A helpful guide for anyone struggling with pornography addiction.  This guide covers how addiction works and how to get help.

Be the Church:

A guide for church leaders wanting to engage their church in the issue of human trafficking.

What Can I Do?:

A guide for individuals and churches wanting to now practical things they can do to fight human trafficking

Freedom Sunday Prayer:

A prayer that churches can pray after watching the Don’t Shut Your Eyes video.

Pornography Resolution for Churches:

A signed agreement that churches and congregation members can use to make a stand on pornography use.

Recommended Resources List:

A list of additional resources on pornography and human trafficking.

Join the European Freedom Network:

The European Freedom Network is a group of over 250 partners working to fight human trafficking and commercial exploitation in Europe.  Join us to work with and learn from other ministries.

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